We are dynamic & new age technology-oriented company in Qatar Since 2014. Our aim is to be one of the leading global industries. We perceive value-driven solution through innovative business practices, committed delivery systems and true-value solution. We are a specialized company of programming, testing & commissioning of the complete system of KNX home automation and lighting control System.

We stand by the quality of our products and services. We offer all the guarantees and qualities assurances for our products and services to ensure high quality and perfection. We are also committed to making continual improvements in the quality management front to achieve, our long-term goals of developing a sustainable business along with strong clients.



1. Home Automation System: offering the Home Automation Solutions in Qatar that are scalable to any level of homes, apartments, offices, high-rising building, mass and private developments ensuring that all requirements are met within budget-wise and time schedules, with optimised system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

2. Lighting Control System: We are certified EIB KNX partners for Hotel, office and Building Lighting Control systems &  well experienced in Lighting Contro l System  Programming, Testing, and Commissioning and have completed many projects in Qatar.

3. Data Networking System: We provide small to large business data networking solutions in Qatar and we’re specialized in servers, switches, and networking. When you’re at your wit’s end with software and networks, im电竞竞猜app下载 can help get your equipment back on track and functioning properly.

4. IP PBX System: Option to optimise, We have a wide range of products and services to meet your requirements and we always ensure after-sales support and service. The best communication system of your office can be determined by a number of factors, such as the size of your business and the number of work stations. IP PBX system offers you the perfect advantage of your business communications.

5. Website Design Service: Professional Website Help You To Generate Leads For Your Business .  A proper website helps your business to grow. It is imperative for every business to have a website which ensures the strong presence of Business in Digital World. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on great opportunities for your business. The more professional your website is, the more advantages you can gain

6 Digital Marketing Services: Are You looking for Digital marketing company for your business, choose the most experienced among the social media companies in Qatar. Social media is one of the most happening niches on the internet. Today, there is probably no customer for your products or services, who is not present on social media, and even if there are a few, it is possible that they will ultimately a part of it. With such spread and reach, social media is the platform to market your products and services

7. AC Maintenance Service: We are providing service for all brands and models of air conditioner. We offer expert air conditioning repair services and cooling equipment options for every need. Making your home cool and comfortable is what we do. Our quality air conditioning repair services are performed by professionally qualified technicians. Service Experts is fully licensed and insured in air conditioning repair, sales, installation and air conditioning maintenance for all brands of cooling equipment.

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